Hello, and welcome to my online home.

My name is Alex Fradera, and I'm both scientist and artist, immersed in psychology and improvisation.

Combining insights from these different fields is what I do, through writing, teaching, advising and play.

Whether I'm onstage, at my desk chewing on scientific papers, or sitting across from someone looking to find a way forward, my focus is simple:


Try to discover possibilities.


I get involved in diverse projects: some commercial, some artistic, some community. See some of these here, and get in touch if you are curious, or want to invite me into something new. This might be as a one-on-one advisor, to design ways of understanding people capability, or enlivening a community through play. Or, more likely, for your own suprising blend.

My writing is spread across a number of places, on- and offline. I've mapped this out here.