Writing for the British Psychological Society

I write a weblog called the Research Digest (history here) and my writing is also featured in The Psychologist magazine, both content initially reported in the blog and dedicated content.

This past year dedicated to the RD I feel like my writing has started to come into its own, and posts have blown up on social media and reached 50 or 60,000 readers. One example I am especially happy with is a piece on couples sharing memory systems (link), collaborative memory being a long-standing interest of mine. Many posts get picked up by other sites and publications, including NYMag, BigThink and Business Insider.

In my previous blog, the Occupational Digest, my most popular post was on 'cyberloafing,' and the posts that I will best remember include:

How 'who you could have been' could shape your workplace identity (link)

The truth about nice guys, mean girls, and pay (link)

Creativity dampened by observing anger, but enhanced by sarcasm (link)

Interview decisions are influenced by initial rapport (link)

Laugh and the workplace laughs with you (link)

Annual roundups of OD posts, organised thematically, are available for years One, Two, and Three.

Other work psychology related writings include a piece on the 2010 UK election debates and a co-authored article on Generation Y's work attitudes.